What they’ve said

“Simon Fletcher has a rare talent for inviting you into a poem, and is something of a specialist in first lines. The poems take you into a line of enjoyable enquiry and small celebrations you will want to share.”
Dreamcatcher magazine reviewing Some Fine Old Ways to Save Your Life

(the poems are) “full of warmth and wit, offering honest observations and personal revelations spoken with an authentic and versatile voice that pays careful attention to detail and marries poetic form to subject matter as only a master craftsman can.”
raw edge magazine reviewing Some Fine Old Ways to Save Your Life

“Thank you very much for helping to make our festival such a success. Your performance was terrific.”
Margaret Taylor, Copfest 2006, Wolverhampton

“I enjoyed the deft fluency, the economy, the pure tone, the ‘pang’- (as Frost said ‘no pang, no poem’.)”
Ted Hughes

“God knows how many poets rush for pen and paper when tackling issues. They’d be far better off pausing to study this remarkable piece of work, and the politicians, and the students, and the schoolchildren, and the parents. It should haunt us all.”
Dancing at Cowhill Carole Baldock writing in Orbis

“Simon’s verse celebrates all the emotions and experiences of love in a starkly simple manner.”
Manchester Evening News

“Many thanks for your performance last night. We enjoyed ourselves immensely.”
Shropshire WI

“Mini Mushaira provides a vision of what could be possible in the future, for despite the differences in language, background and beliefs, the three poets speak with one voice.”
The Scotsman

“The children were engrossed in the stories which were presented in a gentle, imaginative and compelling way.”
Cllr Mary Lewis, Wellington Literary Festival