4. Poetry, pounds and pineapples

Of poetry, pounds and pineapples What are the rewards for writing poetry? What financial return do we get? What cultural acclaim is there for a minority sport like poetry? These are all questions that those who practise the art might well ask themselves. And it’s not until you begin to get published and do a few public readings that you

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3. Capturing Orchids

Capturing Orchids  Writing poetry about the British countryside has long been an obsession and staple of English poetry. Well, I say ‘long’ obsession but in fact it goes no further back than the later eighteenth century and the beginnings of the industrial revolution. The curiosity of Gilbert White, the admirable vicar of Selborne in Hampshire, whose observations became the first

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2. Looking at Things

Looking at Things I spend a lot of time looking at things in nature, particularly in the countryside of the Oswestry Hills where I live. Why I do this is a complex matter. Sometimes it’s simply to record the progress of the seasons; sometimes I want to get the details of a particular plant, tree, bird or wild creature accurate;

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1. Taking Note

I am one of those people who often lead poetry writing workshops and who, in a sense, define what’s possible for budding and more experienced poets. A wide variety of people attend my workshops so I must be doing something right as a jobbing writer/tutor. Recently, I had the great pleasure of attending a workshop not as leader but as

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